Prairie Fire resident referee

Prairie Fire has numerous team members who are coaches and instructors.? Sylvie Bohemier is unique as a team member who is actively refereeing.? It helps to have an expert when there are some willing to question a referee¡¯s calls. We are lucky to have someone with us who can provide the answer.

The Bohemier¡¯s are the first family of ringette refereeing in Manitoba.? Sylvie¡¯s mother, brother and sisters are all ringette officials. Even Sylvie¡¯s brother-in-law got into ringette refereeing after he joined the family.

Sylvie is part of the group on our team who are not former Sixers.? Sylvie spent her early years playing in the Eastman area of Manitoba.? She was a familiar opponent for many of the Prairie Fire from the early days.? Like many on Prairie Fire, Sylvie is used to ringette success.? She played on many successful Eastman Flame teams.? In 2001, Sylvie was?added to Junior Team Manitoba by Wayne Hekle for the Moncton Nationals.? Sylvie has her Nationals gold medal from that season. ?In 2005, Sylvie played with Lindsay Burns as a member of the Eastman Flames Open.? Last season, Sylvie planned to spend the season as player-coach of her team at St. Boniface College.? When early season defections hit Prairie Fire, Sylvie was convinced to join the team and has returned this season.? It was a good experience and Sylvie is back for another year.

Sylvie is comfortable in black and gold as well as in black and white stripes. Whether she is working the break out, set up in the triangle or blowing her whistle for an infraction, Sylvie likes being on the ice.