RATH is Ringette!

A bold statement, yes! Nonetheless, this year’s RATH team is dedicated to the sport of ringette and also, is cognisant of what the sport has done for them. If you ask any RATH player, or even all of them at once, like a well-rehearsed chorus, they will authenticate that ringette has shaped their lives from the biggest to the smallest of ways possible. The sport of ringette has shaped who they are as individuals today.

Relentlessly defending the “why ringette?” question is the arch nemesis of any ringette player. For the RATH, the question is clearly flawed, we all know the correct question should be, “why not ringette?!” Any RATH player will attest that ringette is their passion. It is competitive, fast and fun. Ringette has molded their lives, kept them healthy, in shape and has allowed them to travel the country. It has helped them grow into the best versions of themselves possible. The RATH athletes play ringette for the love of it. The commitment and dedication of their teammates keeps them coming back time after time. They have created lifelong friendships amongst the positive influence of all those involved in the sport. Most importantly, ringette has very much shaped who they are as athletes, as individuals and has helped them succeed in life by learning and prospering through the successes and failures that come with being involved with the game.

And to the question, why play in the NRL? For the RATH, it is a chance to compete against and with the best players in Canada at the highest level possible. The NRL environment creates a drive in us to push ourselves further as athletes and be the finest persons we can be. The dedication, to and from those around us, and the thrill of trying so hard to achieve something that is very difficult is, in itself, inspiring to the RATH. As most already know, ringette is one of the very few sports solely dedicated to the female athlete and playing in the NRL creates a positive yet very competitive atmosphere for women to excel. RATH is very proud to be a part of this success.

Ringette has helped shape every RATH player into the person they are today. It is clear that there is nothing ringette has not done for them and there is nothing they would not do for their sport. It is certainly no reach to declare that RATH whole-heartedly lives by the Ringette Canada motto: PLAY it. LOVE it. LIVE it.