Richmond Hill Lightning and NRL Rookies

The Richmond Hill Lightning welcomed seven talented athletes into the National Ringette League this year. On forward our rookies are Melissa Simone, Shae-Lynn Reaman and DAP’s-Megan McGuire, Leah Erwin and Lindsea Barbosa. On defense we have also welcomed Erica Voss and AP-Lianna Collins. Each brings their own specific set of skills that has contributed to the growth and success of the team this season. As they have demonstrated continuous effort, they deservingly earn the respect of our veterans and add to the positive team dynamic on and off the ice. McGuire, Reaman, Simone, Erwin, Voss and Barbosa are also part of the 2015 Team Ontario team roster for the 2015 Canada Winter Games in Prince George, British Columbia. The coaching staff looks forward to continuing to work with the rookies and making them the very best players in the league. We know that these rookies will be the future RHL! They are all young ladies that enjoy the game at the highest level and it shows on the ice and off ice. The coaching staff is very proud of our rookies success and we look forward to having our DAP’s with us full time next year!

Here are some of the new BOLTS sharing their NRL experience!

Melissa Simone #26
‘I’ve been playing in Richmond Hill since I was 4 years old, being a full time player with the bolts is something I’ve always wanted. Playing in the NRL has been really exiting and challenging. The games are always set with a fast pace and a high intensity level. Every game I play with and against such talented athletes who push and force me to perform my best and improve my game. This season has been amazing as I am surrounded by a great group of teammates and coaching staff that makes ringette even more enjoyable than it already is.’

Erica Voss #87
‘For me, the most exciting thing about playing in the NRL is playing with and against the players that I have idolized my whole ringette career. The amazing players that I take the ice with every weekend are players who were my camp instructors when I was still a U14 player or players that I was in awe of when I went to watch my sister’s games. I learned so much from their instruction and from watching them play, and sharing the ice with all of these outstanding players is something that I’m very proud of.’

Megan McGuire #3 (DAP)
‘It is an amazing learning experience getting to play with and compete against the best players in the country. It is an incredible learning experience to compete in a league where your teammates and opponents are 5, 10, 20 years older than you. This knowledge, experience and talent in the NRL is unmatched by any other level and constantly challenges you to improve as a player. The speed and intensity in the NRL constantly pushes you to improve as a player every game.’

Lindsea Barbosa #33 (DAP)
‘Playing in the NRL has been an incredible experience thus far. I love playing with and against some of the top athletes, and being able to share our passion for the sport. Being a rookie is definitely a learning journey, as I am able to be helped and coached along by some of the more experienced and talented girls on my team. I love the feedback that they provide, and it helps push me to want to do better. Everyone is so positive and supportive, which makes my NRL experience so enjoyable. As for the game itself, the NRL is a fast paced game and forces you to make quick decisions, which is something that I like. I enjoy playing in the NRL because I feel a sense of pride every time I step on the ice in my Richmond Hill jersey.’

Leah Erwin #27 (DAP)
‘Playing in the NRL is exciting and fun. They start the games with O Canada and a longer warm up making it different from previous levels in ringette. I like having a challenge, and playing against girls at this level with such speed, gave me that challenge. I had a lot of fun playing at this level, and I hope to play more in the second half of the season!’