Richmond Hill sports younger squad

The 2014/2015 Richmond Hill Lightning squad comes with a younger and different look than last year. Coaches Jerry Mazzorato and Twan Tilemans are pleased with the draft, which brought in 7 new players -Kristin Johnston, Erika Voss, Shae-Lynn Reaman, Melissa Simone, Lindsea Barbosa, Megan McGuire and Leah Erwin. Each brings unique skills and talents that will be an asset to the Richmond Hill team. Looking ahead to next year’s draft the Richmond Hill Lightning is very excited about having the first three, first round draft picks as well. A bright future is ahead for the Richmond Hill Lightning!

The coaching staff is particularly looking forward to what the team dynamics will bring over the next few years. With Richmond Hill’s strong returning veteran players and new draft picks, they combine for some really exciting team dynamics. This year’s team has their sights set on being able to perform well on a game-to-game basis.

The Richmond Hill Lightning would like to thank everyone in the organization that has helped us to get to where we are today!