Ringette for Christmas : Development Camps with the Calgary RATH

The month of December usually comes with a week or two off from things like work, school, and ringette. Not for the Calgary RATH, however, who this year partnered up with BiLt and WinSport to provide a development camp for young athletes during the Christmas break. The camp, which ran December 27th and 28th, was hosted at WinSport’s COP facility in Calgary and had members of the RATH running ice times with athletes aged 6 to 13.

“It was really fun to coach all the girls because I got to work with players who were 5 years old and it was their first year of ringette to players who are U14 AA and know they want to be on the RATH in the future,” says Christianne Varty, captain of the RATH and lead on-ice in-structor for the camp. “The girls really improved over the four ice times and it was great to see them work so hard for us. I think they liked us coaching because they get to see that they can grow up to be like us.”

Calgary RATH is excited to be able to work with players who are new to ringette, to play a role in growing the sport and giving it exposure to children and parents who may not yet have had the opportunity to try it. The team also greatly appreciates the support and sponsorship from BiLt, as well as the chance to work with WinSport. The institute is glad to have been able provide the opportunity for youth to not only discover the sport of ringette and improve their skills, but also develop a passion for the game. Now, after two days of tying skates, teaching crossovers, and having fun, the Calgary RATH are ready to gear up for second half of the season.