Shutting the ‘DOIRON’ on the Attack net: an interview with Karine Doiron

Twenty one year old goaltender Karine Doiron has posted her best career save percentage at 0.879 and already has 8 wins on the young 2015-2016 season. It is hard to believe she is already a league veteran at such a young age. It was well overdue to sit down and catch up with the hugely talented net minder who seems to always make superhuman saves in the Attack net.

Q: How has your game or style of play changed since you entered the league?

KARINE: My game and its’ style have certainly changed since I’ve entered this league. Entering the league at 17 years of age was a big challenge for me and the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. The biggest challenge was the speed and the mindset of the game. I had to adjust and learn to read opponents plays. Now, I’m in my fifth year and throughout the years, I’ve grown and I’ve become more focused. Playing in this league is a thrill and every season is a challenge that I look forward to.

Q: The team is doing extremely well, how do you make sure you stay prepared for all of the games with the same importance and not take any team for granted?

KARINE: Yes, the team is doing extremely well, but this year feels different. We prepare for all the games the same way we do for every single game we play, and most certainly, we do not take any team for granted. It is the first time in five years that I’ve seen such a great team. Words can’t describe how well we all perform on and off the ice. Every single one of us has the determination, motivation, and the will to be better and to be successful. For me, I have to be ready to compete at my highest potential. Continuous effort, strength and focus are the factors to succeed. Also, one thing that I will always have in mind since the first day that I’ve been playing with this team and since the first day that I’ve played my first game, is that I think we have always been viewed as ‘underdogs’ and it motivates us to always improve.

Q: How do your teammates help you as a goalie?

KARINE: My teammates motivate me with their hard work on and off the ice. They help me by understanding the stress on a goalie and that helps take some of the pressure off me. Any player can make a mistake, and we can either blame them or move on. We always move on.

A goalie’s attitude about mistakes in the net is crucial. For me, I just try and get ready for the next shot. I truly believe that when you have that positive attitude, the rest of your team will believe in and trust you. My favourite part of the game is when I make some big saves in the game and my teammates get energy from it and are excited. There is no better feeling than that!

Q: Do you have advice for young goalies wanting to break into the league like you did?

KARINE: First piece of advice is that anything is possible. You have to work just as hard off the ice as you do on the ice. I truly believe that having a positive attitude is the key to success. Ever since I have played this position, my shoulders have always been under the cross bar. Guess what? Your height and your size do not matter. Being one of the shortest goalies (5’2) in this league, hard work is what matters in the end.

Q: What is your greatest personal accomplishment so far?

KARINE: My greatest personal accomplishment so far was playing in this league at such a young age. I had the chance to prove myself and play in the National Ringette League. For every ringette player, playing in this league is the big dream. Competing with the best athletes in this country is amazing.

Q: When the team is down on the scoreboard, what sort of things are you telling yourself to stay focused?

KARINE: When the team is down on the scoreboard, a lot of things run into my mind but most importantly, I have to stay focused and work hard to help keep our team in the game. I’m saying to myself that I cannot give up, that it is not over, and that now more so than ever is the time to shine.