Sisters’ success not rocket science

University of Manitoba Faculty of Science Students (and sisters) Lauren and Shauna Sawich know the secret to success, and it has nothing to do with Science at all. It’s plain old-fashioned hard work and a deep seeded, burning desire to be the best you can be. It is these attributes that have served the sisters well both on the ice and in the classroom.

Lauren and Shauna patrol the blueline for the Manitoba Jets and play a tough, physical, no nonsense style of defence. There is nothing fancy or flashy here, just an honest, “do your best” effort every time they step on the ice.

With that mindset, it’s no wonder that both of these fine young women excel in the classroom at the University of Manitoba. Both have won numerous academic scholarships for excellence in the classroom. Among those are the Agnes Jacks Scholarship for Lauren and the Cara Brown Scholarship for Shauna.

The sisters are two years apart in age and until this year had only played together once at the AA level in the Belle age group for the APFG Sixers. Despite their heavy course loads Lauren and Shauna jumped at the chance to play at the elite NRL level. With the addition of their father, Ken as head coach, the experience has been extremely enjoyable and rewarding. Ken has coached Shauna on numerous occasions over the years, but this is the first time since Bunnies that he has had the opportunity to coach both of his daughters on the same team.

Both began their ringette careers at the Roblin Park community club at the age of 5 and progressed thru the various age groups until they were eligible to play AA for the Sixers. Shauna has been blessed to have played on some very good Sixer teams in her AA career, winning numerous Provincial AA championships and two Gold Medals at the 2003 and 2006 CRC’s. Lauren has not been as fortunate from a playing standpoint, but despite what you may have heard about sibling rivalries she is extremely proud and supportive of her younger sister’s on ice accomplishments.

Anyone who has followed ringette in Manitoba the past few years knows these two are inseparable off the ice. On road trips they can be found hitting the books together whether it’s at the rink, the hotel or during team lunches and dinners. 

Lauren will graduate this year with a BSc and plans to eventually work in a Science related field. Shauna is in the second year of her Science degree and is undecided at this point about career plans. Regardless of what these two young women decide to do for a living it is obvious that their commitment to hard work will hold them in good stead. After all, it’s not Rocket Science.