Spotlight on Shelagh Rouse

Shelagh Rouse is well known name in the ringette community! She has been playing for 19 years, 9 of those in the NRL, gone to Nationals 4 times, and won a Canada Winter games gold medal. She was 1st overall pick in the 2007 Southern NRL Draft. Shelagh also coaches Waterloo Ringette Powerskating, Blade 1 Powerskating, as well as coaching summer camps over the years.

Not only is Shelagh Rouse a phenomenal ringette player who has a list of qualifications a mile long … she, like so many of the Waterloo Ringette Association, knows the importance of unselfishly giving back.

This season, she volunteered to take on the position of head coach of the Waterloo U16AA team. This is a team that some said shouldn’t be a team – a group of girls from 6 different associations, none of whom had enough to form a team on their own. With strong coaching, the girls are learning a lot and are having a positive year. Some quotes from the team include “Shelagh is a great coach, ringette player and role model!”, and “I have learned so much this year, I want to be a player like Shelagh one day”. Shelagh put together a stellar bench staff consisting of positive, non-parent ex-NRL and AAA players. It truly is a hard group to beat in skills and experience! It’s been a development year, but the team is getting stronger, and they hope to compete, and show well at Provincials.

As well as coaching her own team, Shelagh is a strong leader and player on the Waterloo NRL team. As the most senior defense member, she is always helpful, with good advice. One of the rookie members on the team quotes “I absolutely love playing with Shelagh, every time I am on the ice with her I learn something new”.

Shelagh has donated a huge part of her life to ringette, and on behalf of the Waterloo Ringette Association, we thank her and are grateful for the many young players whose lives have been made better because of her.