Ten Things I Think I Think – December 2012

The holiday season is upon us and at this time of year we would like to wish peace, happiness and all the best for 2013 to our entire ringette community. Of course we are always thinking things, so our gift to you is our holiday-inspired thoughts… 

1 – I think that the fifth day of Christmas is probably the best of all because as the song goes…my true love (ringette) gave to me FIVE GOLDEN RINGS. In celebration, we are giving a shout out to some of our athletes who have popped five goals in (during one single game), so far this season:

  • Emily Bakker, Cambridge Turbos
  • Julie Blanchette, Montreal Mission
  • Catherine Cartier, Montreal Mission
  • Jacqueline Gaudet, Cambridge Turbos (she actually scored eight)
  • Bryanna Kelly, Waterloo Wildfire
  • Tiina Mononen, BC Thunder
  • Julie Primard, Montreal Mission
  • Chantal St-Laurent, Cyclones de Quebec (she actually scored six)
  • Andrea Ferguson, Prairie Fire
  • Martine Caissie, Atlantic Attack 

2 – I think that every team can be compared to Santa’s reindeer. Much like in our sport, the reindeer are a group of individuals with different personalities brought together to achieve a common goal. The similarities don’t end there. If you google ‘Santa’s Reindeer personalities’ (How many of you are looking this up now?) you will find out that Dasher is the fast one of the group,  Dancer is graceful, Prancer is proud, Vixen is friendly, Comet is strong, Cupid is fun loving,  Donner is strong-willed and focused, Blitzen is impulsive and Rudolph is the rookie! Let’s face it, every team has one of each! (NOTE: In ringette, we have actual ‘Dancers’ – think of team warm ups). 

3 – I think that Santa has made his list, and by now he has probably checked it twice. Now if his list was based on the NRL penalty minutes season stats, a few teams  may find themselves on the naughty list this year. Which teams would wake up to find lumps of cole in their stockings on Christmas morning? Here are the ‘naughtiest’ teams in the league for 2012:

  • Atlantic Attack – 226 penalty minutes (16 games)
  • Quebec City Cyclones – 210 penalty minutes (16 games)
  • Gatineau Fusion – 208 penalty minutes (15 games) 

4 – I think it is important to give credit where credit is due. Fitting since the holidays are a season of giving! I have heard nothing but great things about the Bourassa franchise’s game day operations. From contests to spotlights, to engaging the youth of their association, they are pulling out all the stops. Did you know that all you  have to do is wear your jersey to a game and you are entered for a chance to win an iPod?? I am sure there are other great success stories out there in the league, but for today, kuddos to Le Royal de Bourassa! 

5 – I think that on a non-holiday season related note, I must take a moment to apologize to Amanda Pukalo. In the last edition of the Ten Things, it seems she was included in the Finnish player count on the BC Thunder roster. I guess it just goes to show, next time I should check the player profile a little more accurately, Richmond BC is a long way from Finland. 

6 – I think our NRL teams have alot of interesting stories and if you are looking for some interesting holiday reading, I think you should check them out on our website. For example, Calgary RATH’s Lindsey Love gives an interesting veteran’s perspective here, the Atlantic Attack talk about the impact of rookies here, the Ottawa Ice give a shout out to the oldest and best fans here, and the Cambridge Turbos do a Q&A with Jessie Callander on her upcoming experience on Team Canada East here

7 – I think that the holiday season is a time for family. Although many of our athletes probably consider their ringette circle to be like their family, in some cases siblings can be found on NRL rosters. This brings us to the top ten sister scoring race so far this season: 

  • Jackie Gaudet / Jenn Wakefield (Cambridge Turbos / BC Thunder) – 94 points (37 goals, 57 assists)
  • Katie / Carrie Lugg (Ottawa Ice) – 60 points (15 goals, 45 assists)
  • Andrea / Ainsley Ferguson (Prairie Fire) – 59 points (25 goals, 34 assists)
  • Karine / Stephanie / Annie-Pier Seguin (Montreal Mission) – 58 points (16 goals, 42 assists)
  • Allison / Jennifer Gabel (Gloucester Devils) – 44 points (17 goals, 27 assists)
  • Emilie / Myriam / Melissa Lavergne (Gatineau Fusion) – 41 points (21 goals, 20 assists)
  • Jessica /Gen Pepper (Rive Sud Revolution) – 40 points (20 goals, 20 assists)
  • Jessica / Brittany Walden (Cambridge Turbos) – 37 points (12 goals, 25 assists)
  • Ashley / Stephanie Rheaume (Gloucester Devils / Gatineau Fusion) – 33 points (15 goals, 18 assists)
  • Jamie / Dailyn Bell (Edmonton WAM!) – 32 points (20 goals, 12 assists)
8 – I think that there are a lot of you out there wondering who is behind the Ten Things now that our former contributor has moved on from the cold rinks and ice to the water and the speedos (or wetsuits). Yes, Dave Patterson – who is now with Waterski/Wakeboard Canada – had been the brains behind this for the past few years. But now, who is the replacement? Think of it like the mystery of Santa Claus, you never see him, but every year, gifts find their way under your tree. So be good kids, and every month the Ten Things will find its way into your inbox. 

9 –  I think (actually I know) that many of our NRL athletes (and maybe a few fans) will be ringing in the New Year in London this year! A number of our NRL athletes will either be playing or coaching at the 2012 U19 World Ringette Championship. Best of luck to all who will be competing in the event!  For all you ringette fans at home, don’t miss a moment of the action, follow the event via live webcast (http://sportscanada.tv/index.php/ringette/ringettecanada/worlds/2012u19worlds), via Twitter (@ringettecanada or #u19wrc) or sign up for the daily newsletter on our website (www.ringette.ca). 

10 – I think these are my non-NRL thoughts: 

a) I think it is pretty cool that the first-ever flash mob took place on December 8th in Langley, BC during an NRL game between BC Thunder and Edmonton WAM!. Over 150 people from the Lower Mainland came together to show their passion for our sport. A video will be made available soon and we will tweet the link. For photos from the flash mob click here. The intention is to make it go viral, so please take the time to share the links with your friends! 

b) I think that the launch of our 50th anniversary celebrations at the opening of the 2012 U19 World Ringette Championship is going to be nothing short of amazing. Ringette is 50 in 2013 and we are well underway to make it the best season yet. Make sure you follow along through our new 50th anniversary website – www.ringette50.ca. 

c) I think a warm welcome is in order for the new Executive Director of Ringette Canada. Natasha Johnston joined the office in Ottawa on December 3rd. She has played ringette for many years and has an impressive background in amateur sport. She’ll be at the rink in London for the U19 world championship, so take the time to say hi if you are at the event. The Ottawa Sun’s Tim Baines did an article on Natasha and you can check it out here to get a bit more insight into her background.