Ten Things I Think I Think – November 2012

The season is well underway and there’s lots of NRL action on the rinks across the country. As always, we’re thinking some things and we want to share those thoughts with you. 

1 – I think the race to the scoring title will be a tight one again this year. Last season all but three points separated the top three athletes. It is still too early to predict what this season will bring but ten games into the season the leader board is all Turbos and Mission.Teammates Emily Bakker and Jacqueline Gaudet are tied with 48 points. On their heels is the Mission duo of Julie Blanchette and Julie Primard with 43 and 36 points respectively. Noticeably absent from this list is Salla Kyhala, last year’s leading scorer. But rest assured folks, she only has three games under her belt, seven less than the current leaders. 

2 – I think that the Twitterverse is going to be filled with NRL stats and updates this season. Not only can you follow the League via @nrllnr, but all NRL teams will have their own Twitter account this season. You can get up to the minute updates from all teams on game days throughout the season. Follow you favorite teams today:

3 – I think, well actually I know that the Rive Sud goalies have seen lots of rubber so far this season. Not only were they the Adrenaline’s opponent when they set a league record for the most shots on goal in one game (78 shots), but they were also on the receiving end when the Turbos tied this record a couple of weeks later. 156 shots over two games is more than some goalies have seen in all of their games combined this season. 

4 – I think that I am excited about the Thunder, the WAM!, the RATH and the Prairie Fire coming East this season! That’s right folks, you won’t have to wait until April to see East/West matchups. One can’t help but wonder what impact (if any) this may have on the season standings come playoff time. Be sure to check out the season schedule to find out when these games are. 

5 – I think if you look at Prairie Fire’s roster this season, you will see a coming together of a lot of Winnipeg area talent. After the demise of the Manitoba Jets franchise, the Fire have filled half of their roster with Jets players and are poised to dominate in a very tight race in the West. Time will tell whether this coming together will prove successful. 

6 – I think that the transition from the monthly three stars to the NRL Super Seven is great. I admit that the concept makes total sense, but the main reason I think this is awesome is because of the name: how cool is it to say that you are part of the NRL Super Seven!… I wonder if they get together on weeknights to fight crime? 

7 – I think there are a lot of athletes, coaches and fans out there who are also thinking things about the NRL. I suspect these thoughts are just as interesting, if not more interesting than the thoughts we have each month. If you think you have what it takes to guest author our monthly Ten Things column, please feel free to throw your name forward. We reserve the right to edit your thoughts and we also ask that you bring a league-wide perspective to the piece. 

8 – I think that we have seen more trades in this off-season/pre-season than we have seen in most other seasons combined. Many players were on the move, so let’s break this down and outline who ended up where:

Cambridge – Mackenzie Borland, Sheri Adams

Richmond Hill – Samantha McIntosh

Bourassa – Kathleen Perreault, Julie-Ève Finn

Montreal – Virginie Vromet, Jade Abboud

Ottawa – Natasha Côté

Gloucester – Alyssa Mainwood, Jasmine LeBlanc

Gatineau – Amelie Barrette, Janie Desjardins

Lac St.Louis – Léa Trépanier-Montpetit, Stacey Steen

For a full details on all transactions click here or visit the Ring section of the NRL site for individual trade announcements. 

9 – I think that there is something in the water in BC that is attracting Finnish ringette players to the Lower Mainland. With names like Kyhala and Mononen on their roster, the current NRL champs are turning heads and have NRL GMs wondering what their recruitment secrets are. The Waterloo Wildfire may be on the right track as they also added Finnish import Susanna Saarela to their roster via the NRL entry draft last June. 

10 – I think these are my non-NRL thoughts:

a) I think that the NHL lockout provides a perfect opportunity for people to get their rink fix by coming out and taking in some ringette. Don’t hesitate to make your hockey loving friends and family aware of what’s going on in the ringette world…it only takes seeing one game to become a new fan.

b) I think, well actually I know that ringette will be 50 years old very soon! Keep an eye out for loads of 50th anniversary celebration events set to take place over the course of the 2013-2014 ringette season.

c) I think that the ringette season is officially in  full swing across Canadal. Take a moment to thank the volunteers, the coaches, the officials and the parents that make this great sport of ours possible. We could not play it. love it or live it without them!