The 2012-2013 Atlantic Attack Season Highlights

As the Atlantic Attack are about to embark on their NRL championship journey, it is a perfect time to
reflect on an extremely successful second season. Here are some highlights from their sophomore

1. Swapping Nationalities. The Atlantic Attack had five players representing three different
countries at the U-19 World Ringette Championship in December. Karine Doiron and Stephanie
Robichaud represented France, Kali MacAdam skated for Russia, and Martine Caissie and Kirsti
Mason were golden for Team Canada.

2. The Kilometer Kids. Four Atlantic Attack players lived in different cities with two players residing
in Nova Scotia and two others up the highway in Fredericton, NB.

3. Lucky #7. On nine occasions the Attack ended a game with having scored 7 goals. That is almost
1/3 of a season spent scoring 7 goals per game!

4. Snipers. Martine Caissie and Joelle Proulx provided a 1-2 punch of offense for the Attack! Caissie
scored 41 goals and netted 25 assists for 66 points in 6 less games than she did in her rookie
season (61 points). Proulx scored 24 goals with 40 assists for 64 points which largely exceeded
her rookie year total of 47 points.

5. Net Protector. If there is one defense player you don’t want to mess with, it’s Isabelle LeBlanc.
Isabelle had 42 penalty minutes in her rookie year and she was just as naughty in her second
season with 50 penalty minutes. These are only the infractions the referees know about! J

6. Messiness in Montreal. A season can’t go by without some mishaps but oddly they all occurred
in Montreal. 1. The Attack’s affiliate player Kirsti Mason flew from Halifax to Montreal for three
games against the Mission. Her flight could not leave due to fog and when she did land, her
on-ground transportation was delayed due to construction. She only played two shifts in her
first NRL game! 2. A rental van carrying players was rear ended by another vehicle in Montreal.
3. One member of the coaching staff received a Montreal City parking ticket but it was not
delivered until two months later.

7. Ready for ‘Take Off’…finally. Once she hit the ice skating, Kirsti Mason scored 2 goals, had 3
assists and 2 penalty minutes in her first set of games vs. the Mission.

8. The Point Passers. Five Atlantic Attack forwards surpassed their point totals from the 2011-2012
season. Gabrielle Cormier, Joelle Proulx, Martine Caissie, Jocelyne Landry, and Josee Doiron all
wreaked havoc on opposing goalies.

9. Young Ringette Phenom. 15 year old Jenny Snowdon, younger sister of Attack player Jessica,
played 5 NRL games and finished up with 11 goals and 3 assists as she received nationwide
recognition across the NRL for her impressive showing.

10. Point Parade. On January 5th vs. Bourassa, Proulx and Caissie had a game! Caissie finished the
single game with 6 goals and 4 assists and Proulx had 4 goals and 7 assists.