The Atlantic Attack’s roots travel deep into the heart of their Atlantic Canadian culture

The Atlantic Attack have entered their first season of the National Ringette League with a unique twist in their off-ice activities. Not commonly practiced throughout the NRL, the Attack players have peeled potatoes…by the thousands, and although this activity may be most associated with military training, the players have been preparing themselves for a tribute to the one and only; Acadian Poutine.

The Acadian poutine is a traditional version of ‘poutine’ not to be confused with the cheese and gravy covered version we have all grown familiar with. Acadian-style poutine, or poutine râpée, is primarily found in the outlying communities of Moncton, NB, with deviations of the dish also found in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island’s French communities. The dish involves peeling, grating, and boiling potatoes. Once the potatoes are ready they are rolled into a ball and salted pork is placed in the centre. The baseball sized potatoes are then boiled again for several hours. Once ready, they are served with salt, pepper or brown sugar.

The Atlantic Attack players have been successfully making and selling these poutines’ as a fundraiser. While they probably wouldn’t recommend the delicacy on a game day, this tribute to an old, authentic tradition is meaningful to the team as they embark on their own new traditions in their first NRL season, and continue to make proud the culture that is so deeply embedded in their existence.