The Atlantic Attack’s trip to Western Canada made for unforgettable experiences!

If the Atlantic Attack had their time back this season, they would probably say they wanted more wins on their record. Sport is often unpredictable, and sometimes downright harsh; leaving behind shots that hit goal posts, unexpected penalties at the most inopportune times, injuries, ailments and a fired-up opposition of snipers. But, despite the highs and lows of playing elite sport, the high points in the season will always be the experience.

The experience doesn’t tally your wins or check your statistical columns; the binding of a team through the grueling of a regular season is what matters. Some of the best moments of being a player in the National Ringette League are the opportunities to travel and spend time with your teammates on road trips from one end of the country to the other.

The Attack recently lived the ultimate road trip experience as they found themselves amongst one of the most scenic and pristine settings in the world; the Canadian Rockies, as viewed from Lake Louise and Banff. For Attack rookie, Shelby Wingrove, this Western Canadian roadtrip to face the Calgary Rath and Edmonton Wam!, was her first nerve wrecking plane ride. Luckily, defensive player for the Attack, Stephanie Robichaud, used her expertise as an Air Canada booking agent to assist with the process of getting an entire team of ringette players flawlessly into an airplane. Upon touchdown, the Attack quickly threw their luggage into their hotel rooms, and eagerly awaited the trip to the mountains. Maybe it was the raw, crisp air that did it, but the team came out flying the next morning and gave the defending champions, the Calgary Rath, quite a scare at 5-4 in the first game of the weekend. A few nights prior, a collection of players and coaches cheered on the Calgary Flames against the Winnipeg Jets at the infamous Saddledome. On Saturday, the team ran into a young fan while shopping at a local mall and used the opportunity to take photos and make a lasting impression on the young ringette player. By Saturday night, the sole goaltender on the trip, Karine Doiron, came down with a flu, and after a sleepless night she woke up Sunday to kindly face 110 shots in two games against the Edmonton Wam! (Nothing would probably make your recovery from the flu slower then that!).

After catching a red eye flight (departure time of after midnight) on Sunday evening, the players settled into their plane seats and departed with an experience that will last them a life time. This collection of moments and memories mean more than the season’s record. Ten years from now, no one will likely never remember their goal totals, or what their percentage was, or how many penalties they took. When you extract the statistics, you are left with the memories and the Attack have collected plenty so far.

The Atlantic Attack would like to dearly thank their fans and supporters for the 2013-2014 season and look forward to seeing you all again for season four of the journey.