The best thing about playing in the NRL…

“What’s the best thing about playing in the NRL?”

Most will say it’s the friendships and the feeling of belonging to a team that’s basically family, some will acknowledge the fact that they get to play with and against the best ringette athletes in the country, while others will undoubtedly respond that the feeling of knowing you’ve made it this far is incredibly fulfilling.

Another answer you will also usually get is something that has to do with the fact that, at this level, athletes get to interact closely with up-and-coming ringette superstars and feed off their young passion and enthusiasm for the game. For the past few seasons, the Ottawa Ice have been lucky enough to be able to host young teams at their games and attend a few of their practices in the capital region.

Even more recently, the Metcalfe Ringette Association hosted their matchup vs. the Lac St. Louis Adrenaline. It was really cool to see the entire community come together and give such a warm welcome to both teams, all while interacting closely with the Feral athletes and sharing in the love of the same sport. From the collective pre-game warm-up to a post-game autograph session, it’s safe to say our Ottawa Ice girls were inspired by the youngsters. We believe this interaction between veteran and up-and-coming stars of the game is beneficial for the entire sport as a whole, and that it helps ringette grow & develop on many levels. Having role models and looking up to NRL athletes is motivating and encourages young athletes to pursue their goals, but realizing that the next generation of little “ringetters” is just as passionate and driven as the current one is even more impressive. This thing we’ve got going on in Ottawa, Ontario, and across Canada – it’s awe-inspiring to say the least.

It’s that bond that will always be one of the many, if not the best thing about playing in the National Ringette League.