The Calgary RATH: The Story so far…

To say that the month of November was a busy one for the Calgary RATH would be putting it mildly. With 8 games spaced out over three weekends, and one weekend off spent practicing, the Calgary RATH had an action-packed month. The intense pace continued into the first weekend of December with a four-game series out east, facing off against four teams from Quebec including second-place ranked Montreal Mission.

Although the season didn’t start exactly according to plan, facing some tight battles against the Edmonton WAM and losing by a 2-goal margin in their first game and one goal in the second game, the team quickly found their feet. A lengthy shootout, that ended with a goal by Justine Exner, gave the RATH their first win of the season against the Gloucester Devils, and the team ended up one game shy of sweeping the 4-game series.

Their weekend off was spent practicing for back-to-back games against Black Gold Rush and another 4-game series the weekend following. Hard work paid off in the first game against BGR, leading the Calgary RATH to an 8-4 victory. They split the day, each team taking home 2 points, and prepared to head to Montreal less than a week later.


The final series of 2015 proved a successful weekend for the RATH. After a hard battle in an uncommonly low-scoring game, Calgary fell just short of a victory, losing to the Montreal Mission 2-0. Despite this, they went on to win their remaining 3 games in a goal-scoring frenzy. In the final three games they took 126 shots and scored 26 goals, averaging a goal every fifth shot. In the defensive end, Bobbi Mattson closed the weekend with a save percentage of .905, contributing greatly to the RATH’s success. The 6 points that the team gained that weekend placed them second in the West heading into 2016.

The end of league games doesn’t mark the end of the 2015 season for some of the RATH’s athletes however, as the team is proud to support 7 athletes and 1 coach heading to Helsinki to compete at the World Ringette Championships. The Calgary RATH wishes all the best to these athletes, as well as to all other athletes representing Canada at the WRCs. Best of luck to everyone, and happy holidays!