The Edmonton WAMily.

Welcome to a new season of Edmonton WAM! ringette! Some of you reading this have been WAM! fans for a number of years, others reading this have worn the “W”, and some of you maybe ringette players that should be doing your English homework yet you found yourself on social media instead. Whether you are a new fan or a seasoned one, young or old, new to ringette or have played for years (and have all the team hoodies to prove it), we welcome you! Every month we will share stories about the ladies that make up the Edmonton WAM!, their NRL experiences, and keep you up-to-date as they train and compete for the NRL title.

A few terms and things you should know to help you become the ultimate WAM! fan (or at the very least, help you understand our stories):

WAMily: what we call our amazing group that makes up the WAM!; we are more than just a team.

WAMbits: are the talented ladies that play on WAM!

WAM!: Although there are many rumors that WAM! stands for something, it doesn’t. It’s like the sound affect that can be found in fighting scenes in comic books like when Batman knocks out the Joker.

It is at this time that we would typically introduce our roster and the athletes would take the time to explain why they play ringette, what they love about the sport, their age, their position, and their favorite color (their favorite color is WAM! Blue). But we thought it would be fun to take a different approach to this “Getting to know your WAMbits” section. So, without further adieu, here are the WAMbits of the 2015-2016 season:

Starting with the team’s voice of wisdom, meet Dailyn Bell. Although she might be the eldest on the team, you won’t be seeing her walking around the rink in Velcro granny runners just yet. This girl can wear flip-flops, runners, skates, and heels all in the same day. Her personality, like her shoe collection, is extremely diverse. Her game experience, passion, and leadership are only a few of the many things Dailyn brings to WAM!.

Moving on to the girl that brings the music to the team (well she brings the speakers at least), Teneal Kuczkowski. Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce her last name, most people can’t. When Teneal is not on the ice, she can be found on the dance floor waiting for the beat to drop. Then, and only then, can Teneal really show off her dance skills. Teammates she her dance moves are comparable to “those of either a kangaroo or a snake, or any other animal that jumps off walls or does cart wheels”.

Now it is only fitting that we now introduce Bre Bilyk next as Teneal and Bre are basically a package deal. Heck, they show up to practice wearing identical outfits without even having to coordinate it. Bre, arguably the quietest person on the team (she stole that title from Jenna Debaji who held it for the past 2 years), is obsessed with cucumbers. She probably believes that eating vegetables will help her grow, until then, she’ll need to continue to wear her shoulder pads.

From city girls to country gals, WAM! has it all. Lacombe native Emily Otto brings a country spin to the WAM! dressing room (after all, she chose Redneck Girl as her personal theme song). This fireball also brings a lot of passion and a hunger for gold to the team. Otto is a nurse by trade so she also brings a lot of horrifyingly disturbing hospital stories to the dressing room making Grey’s Anatomy look like a Disney show.

Our first rookie WAMbit is sure to rack up some serious points this year as she is considered to be cunning, stealthy, and persistent (qualities identified by her teammates). One might say Annie Debaji has qualities that are comparable to that of an arctic fox (a comparison provided by her teammates). So be aware, this rookie has some qualities (and potentially a spirit animal) that may make her a leading scorer.

This magical WAMbit is the one, the only, Dani A. Holliday. When she’s not sitting on her doorsteps waiting for her Hogwarts acceptance letter, this girl is racking up the points on the scoreboard. Although she scores from the oddest places: from her belly, on her knees, mid fall, she doesn’t need magic to score her goals!

Once a force in the pool, Jenna Debaji is now an extremely strong skater for the Edmonton WAM!. Jenna practices her stride skating by skating through 3 opposing players and having them hang of her while she carries the ring out of the defensive end. One might describe Jenna as the “strong, silent type” as she is one of very few words. Although, each season, she says a few more words than the season before. And if you accidently push her into a wall during a warm up game, she is not short of words at all!!!

Another Central Alberta girl from Lacombe, Alberta is the very talented defenseman, Lindsay Brown. She helps make the WAM! triangle incredibly strong but don’t let her defensive skills fool you; Lindsay can also be successful in the offensive end with her ability to pick corners. One could say Lindsay is almost a ringette triple threat: she can defend, she can score, she just needs to learn how to play goal to complete the package.

This little nugget can deke, dangle and celly like nobodies business. Kelsie Caine may not be able to reach the top shelf of her school locker but this WAMbit plays big. In her junior sized skates she dances through triangles and makes goalies look like statues. This travel sized WAMbit is chalked full of talent.

Robyn Gillespie is knower of all things random. This girl remembers (and shares) the most random facts, always keeping her teammates well informed. For example, did you know that shuffling a deck of cards more than 7 times is actually useless because past 7 shuffles the deck of cards does not become any more random? Thanks to Robyn, I now know that. When this kid isn’t sharing random facts, she’s either a brick wall in the triangle or scoring on a break away (one extreme to another).

WAMbit Ali Tod also has a magic about her but it is more like a Disney magic. This incredibly kind and caring individual almost has a Disney princess essence to her. When her teammates were asked: “What Disney Princess would Ali be?”, the answer was “definitely Belle” for the following reasons:

A) She is smart and Belle is the only princess I see cracking a book
B) Ali is all about her family and is very kind and caring and so is Belle

Ali may have Disney Princess qualities, but don’t be fooled, if you try and crash the triangle, she will surely put you on your derriere

Jamie Bell: determined, passionate, talented are some of the words people would use to describe this gal. Her sister might add the term “clothes stealer” to the list of words that describe Jam. Regardless of who’s clothes Jamie shows up to the rink wearing, this girl has skills. When Jamie remembers her skates (and her contact) she is a force to be reckoned with on the ice. Having both her and her sister, Dailyn, on the same line might very well be a goalie’s worst nightmare. There is some serious ringette skill in that DNA.

Jessi Daniels is a new addition to the WAMbit goalie unit. This WAMbit brings spunk and a love of Alpaca wool jackets to the team. Although she chose the crease because she struggled with stopping and thought goaltending was going to be easier and less work (rookie mistake), this WAMbit has proven herself to be a solid goaltender countless times in the crease. She may be small in stature but she plays big and has a first class goalie ring.

Keyona Tomiuk is our long distance WAMbit! Living in Winnipeg she leaves 2 days in advance to get to practices on time. Kidding, this girl trains in Winnipeg for both the WAM! program and the Junior Team Canada program. Because being a part of two teams doesn’t fill her schedule enough, this girl is also coaching a U14 team. One might say this girl lives at the rink.

Lastly, we stuck our accident-prone kid in the net in hopes that she’ll stay safe, if only it were that easy. Whether Brea Beck is on the ice or off the ice, she’s a hard nut to miss. On the ice she’s the giant goalie with a Harry Potter mask probably getting a penalty (she should really stay in crease). Off the ice, she’s the kid that looks like she got hit by neon rainbow. One could say this goalie struggles to blend into a crowd.

Well sports fans, those are our WAMbits of the 2015-2016 season. As you can see, the WAMbits are a very diverse bunch but they do have a few similarities: their passion for ringette, their commitment to their team, and their love of winning. This talented team is sure to make an impact this season.

Stay tuned for more WAM! news,

The WAMbits