The Gloucester Devils…aka Los Diablos.

The Gloucester Devils, also knows as the “Los Diablos”, are a young energetic team that come from all over!

Our captain Kristin Johnston born and raised in Ajax moved to Ottawa for uni. She is currently a strength and conditioning coach at a high performance gym but is looking to move into the clinical side of health and lifestyle management. Her dream would be to work with chronic disease/post rehabilitation patients, counselling and assessing their health and behavioural needs, while working with them to adjust their lifestyle accordingly. In her spare time she enjoys making sweet dances, fighting crime, scoring on Yas, and being a part of an all girl hip hop/pop band.

Our last year rookie of the year Jennifer Gabel is a third year student studying Neuroscience at Carleton University. She is currently only playing Gloucester NRL ringette but in the summers enjoys playing soccer to help keep her in shape. In the past she always enjoyed a wide variety of sports like volleyball, basketball and rugby!

She is a superhero volunteer at an old age home and teaches power skating on Mondays to young ringette players in her community alongside a fellow Gloucester teammate Stephanie Rheaume.

The two oldies, Samantha Green and Colleen Hagan, of the team are also both primary school teachers. Moulding young minds for the future.

If you a driving past any Grecko check out the life size billboard of our scoring machine A. Beiwald! She never misses 😉 She is a trainer alongside Emily Macdonald and Kaitlyn Youldon (unfortunately she works for the enemy at Good Life).

Our stellar defenseman Amelie has just moved to Toronto to save lives as a paramedic. Sad to see her good but so proud of our little hero!!

Our dance teacher Mel, is currently studying psychology and social work while working at hospitals, volunteering in classrooms and working at Caesar Milan school for dog whispering.

Amanda Gour, the team’s best Snap Chatter-goes to Ottawa U for biology and in second year. She is exceptional at turtle tag and long bubble baths!

SISTA 1- Alyssa is currently at the University of Ottawa, where her program of study is Human Kinetics. She also has two part time jobs. She works at the YMCA/YWCA as a HFR (Health Fitness Recreation), which means she is up in the weight room helping members with the equipment and technique. She also works with a very special little girl, Isabel, who is 4 years old and autistic. Her parents know of her involvement with sport so asked if Alyssa would teach her to swim, and now also to skate. A future ringette superstar! As for other sports, she plays Ultimate Frisbee with the U of Ottawa team; plays soccer for Cumberland in the summer, and used to play rugby, volleyball and basketball at high school.

Then there is the other SISTA- Jess. She is currently in her third year of university at Ottawa U studying HK. She will be following in the footsteps of her parents and apply to teachers college to mould minds as well. Jess used to be an unreal rugby player before she shattered her ankle and had screws put in. A bit of a pain to travel with if you ask me.

Our baby of the team- Abby is the youngest member. Finally is able to drink in Ontario!

Our team award goes to our rookie Lauren who goes to school at St Lawrence. She is in her last year in fitness and health promotion and drives 2 HOURS to practice twice a week. Now that’s what you call commitment! She has applied to the Gonq next year for medical radiation technology! Good luck!

Last but not least, our comedian of the team, our goal stopper JAS! Born and raised in New Brunswick this comedian brought her impersonation acts to Ottawa to study at clown college, oops I mean Ottawa U for HK.