The sisterhoods of the Atlantic Attack

Twenty eight percent of the Atlantic Attack roster accounts for some players that picked on one another during childhood. Please allow that to be rephrased. Over one fourth of the Atlantic Attack are a combination of sisters!

When scrolling through the Attack roster you may notice a trend throughout; the last name Snowdon. It is almost hard to imagine a larger ringette born family in the province of New Brunswick. Jessica, age 21, has been a mainstay on the Attack blue line since the team’s inception. The hard working and oldest sibling is currently tied for points among the Attack defense with 5 assists in 11 games.

Kelly, 19, is a welcome addition to the offense this season with 5 goals, and 1 assist in 7 games. Lastly, Jenny, the 16 year old sibling shocked many in the NRL last season with a goal scoring expedition. Thus far, Jenny has continued last season’s torrid pace with 10 goals and 7 assists in 7 games played.

With three of the talented Snowdon sisters currently in the NRL, it may be a surprise to many that a 4th sibling is in the ranks to also become an NRL star. Thirteen year old Britany plays on an under 16 team and recently scored 17 goals and posted 27 points during in a competitive tournament.

Brand new additions to the Attack blue line are Annick (17) and Natalie Murphy (21) who have shown much promise in their NRL debuts. Chantal Leger, a solid defensive veteran for the Attack at age 22 is now providing leadership to her younger sister Céline on forward.

Whether it is true or not that most younger siblings begin playing ringette because of their older sisters, the Attack are certainly benefitting from the family franchises that have shone throughout New Brunswick. The Atlantic Attack in itself is a family that is bound not only by the connections and camaraderie that exists among the players, coaches and fans, but also by its unity and love for the sport of ringette.