The Unknown WAMbit

There’s a Debaji on defense, a Debaji in the o-zone.
Otto shooting one timers, the Bells are blitzing down the ice.
Daniels is making the big save, Holliday’s in front of the net.
Brown is sniping top corners, Cainer’s dangling through the defense.
Beck’s taking a field trip out of the crease and Jam is yelling, “Stay in your net!”.
Gillespie is channeling someone into the boards
and Bilyk is marking the biggest gal on the ice.
Teneal is explaining to the announcer how to pronounce her last name,
and Key is back checking the length of the ice.

Now you might think all the WAMbits are accounted for, but there’s one very Important WAMbit that has yet to make her debut on the ice, let me introduce to our Unknown WAMbit, Miss Ali Tod.

Ali hasn’t been able to sport the W this year in league play but this WAMbit doesn’t need to lace up to make an impact (although we can’t wait to have her back on the ice). Ali was sidelined early in the season by injury and had surgery in December. Even though her on ice season was cut short, she has remained incredibly dedicated to the team. Whether it’s an early morning practice or a series in BC, Ali is there. Even when she was on crutches, the girl would be found hobbling around the rink, setting up go pros, selling merchandise, helping set up, and taking stats during the game.

But it’s not what she does that makes her such an impact on the team, it’s her attitude and her presence. This season is nothing how she planned yet she shows up at the rink every day with a smile on her face and the most positive energy. She genuinely cares about her teammates and how they are doing. Her presence helps create a positive energy in the locker room that is later transferred on the ice. Anyone who has been injured understands her position is not an easy one but Ali really has created her own role on the team and done it with such grace. Of course WAM! Is counting down the days until she’s on the ice standing her ground in the triangle. For now, we are able to appreciate how amazing a teammate she truly is. Ali Tod, you may be unknown to the rest of the NRL community but you are an integral part of the WAMily and it’s 2015-2016 season.