Thoughts on the 2012-2013 season

The Richmond Hill Lightning continued to add talent and depth to their bench for the 2012/13 season through some strategic trades and the annual draft. Saying goodbye to Ashley Vlaar left an opening for Ashley Miller to join the team in goal. Vlaar will be missed by everyone but even though she won’t be with them on the ice, she will be a life-long friend.

Sammy McIntosh, traded to Richmond Hill from Whitby, brings depth to the team as centre while Leah Henderson joins the team from Waterloo bringing experience to the defensive line.

Four of the five rookies who joined the team last year are returning this season. With a year of NRL experience behind them, and the depth and experience of the veterans the Bolts are focusing on improving their 2011/12 fifth place finish.
While the team was looking for a Head Coach in the off season, no candidates were landed. Long time assistant coach Phil Langford will accept the head coaching role and will be assisted by Chuck Munro. Langford has great expectations for this year with the addition of McIntosh, Henderson and Miller to the forwards.

Captain and former Team Canada Player, Beth Hurren is up to the challenge of continuing to mentor the younger players as well as bring them together as a cohesive group. The girls share a competitive spirit and an uncompromising desire to make the game of ringette as much fun as it was when they were bunnies. It’s never been a better time to be a Bolt!