Tori Hart: Calgary RATH’s newest rookie

With another ringette season underway, the Calgary RATH welcomed back plenty of familiar faces, as well as introducing some new names to their roster. One of these new names, NRL rookie Tori Hart has been playing ringette for 13 years. When she is not playing ringette, she is a full time student at Mount Royal University and hopes to become an elementary school teacher.

Tori’s biggest ringette achievements are her 3 medals from CRCs; a gold, silver, and bronze. Her biggest athletic achievement, however, was being able to come back to play ringette after 3 knee surgeries. She says that the biggest challenge was watching from the sidelines for two seasons. Going through the process of knee rehabilitation three times over took hard work and dedication but she knows it was definitely worth it to get back to playing the sport she loves.

When it comes to playing in the NRL, Tori has wanted to play for the Calgary RATH since she was young. Now that she has this opportunity, she says that she is looking forward to getting to play with ringette players she has always looked up to. One of the great things about the NRL is that, being an Open league, younger players play with older players and are exposed to the skill and knowledge these players possess. In some instances, as with Tori on the Calgary RATH, players may even get the opportunity to play with players who have coached them before. In that situation, Tori says she is excited to have the chance to play with them and continue to learn from them. Another great thing about the NRL is that it is an entirely different level of play than previous divisions. For the rookies moving up, the change of pace and intensity can be a lot to handle, and maybe a little overwhelming. “The players are so smart and know where to move the ring,” Tori says, adding that “things happen very fast and you have to let the ring do the work.” With all that in mind, she knows what an amazing opportunity it is to compete at this level of ringette and is very excited to get the season underway. The Calgary RATH wish Tori Hart and all other NRL rookies the best for the upcoming season.