Training like a member of BC Thunder – What Brandy Moleschi does to train

What do you do for a living?
I am a teacher. I went to school to be a secondary Pe and Home Economics teacher.

Is it hard to make time for training off ice?
Some days it’s harder than others to find time to train with my busy schedule but if you want to play ringette at a high level you have to make time for it.

How often do you work out?
It’s all depends on our practice schedule but I like to work out 3 to 4 times a week on top of our practices. The weeks we have more on ice practices I work out off ice less.

Do you have a training buddy?
I like to train with my sister but we can’t always work out together so then I train by myself. I find when I work out with my sister we push each other to work harder and it makes it more fun. It’s always nice to train with other people.

What kind of cardio exercises do you do to train?
One of my favourite cardio exercise is spin class. I find it’s a good work out.

What kind of strength training exercises do you do to train?
I like to use dumbbells and do all different types of exercises such as squats, dead lifts, biceps curls and many other things.

Do you follow any nutritional plans?
I don’t follow a specific plan but I try to eat healthy foods.

Do you have a personal trainer?
My sister in law is a personal trainer so I train with her every once in a while. I train with her more in the summer than in the winter.

What advice can you offer other athletes when it comes to the importance of off ice training and making time for it?
I think you need to find a work out plan that you enjoy. You should have fun while you train. Also to stay motivated find a friend to work out with to keep each other motivated. It’s important to train both on ice and off. The better shape you are in the less chance you have for injury.