Turbo pride on display in Sports Hall of Fame

If you happen to visit the Cambridge Centre Mall on Hespeler Road in Cambridge, you might come across a couple of unique things you won’t see in most suburban shopping malls. First, there’s an ice rink in the middle of this one and secondly, right beside the ice rink, you will notice a wonderful display of sports memorabilia that comprises the Cambridge Sports Hall of Fame.

Browse among the displays and you will notice one dedicated to the Cambridge Turbos NRL team. Earlier in 2012, the Turbos were inducted into the Hall of Fame. Over a period of two years, during the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 seasons, the Turbos had an unprecedented string of successes, winning two national league titles, two national championships and the World Club championship.

The Turbos have experienced a variety of team and individual highs since joining the NRL as one of its founding teams nearly 10 years ago. But this period stands out as something very special, according to those who manage the Cambridge Sports Hall of Fame.

So, next time you’re in Cambridge, drop into the mall to see the Turbos’ display case. If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll often see us using the hashtag #turbopride. Now you can see our Turbo pride on display in our Hall of Fame exhibit. Join us on Twitter at @CambridgeTurbos.