Turbo rookie Sydney Nosal

One of the newest members of the Cambridge Turbos for the 2015/2016 season is Sydney Nosal. This 18 year old rookie who wears #91 from St. Clements, Ontario has 41 goals and 25 assists in 24 games. We are very proud of her accomplishments so far this season and are very grateful to have her as a Turbo. Below is what it means to Sydney to be a part of the Turbos and to play in the NRL.

Hi my name is Sydney Nosal and first let me say what an honour it is to be a Cambridge Turbo, I don’t think I fully understood what it meant to have big shoes to fill until I played on a team full of so many super stars. The NRL has been such an amazing experience for me so far, not only do I get the opportunity to play a long side my two sisters again, but play against some of the most talented Ringette Players in Canada. The NRL has definitely been a jump for me as a player, although I did AP for two years before I went into the draft, it is different being a full time player now. Playing in the NRL is a whole new level of Ringette compared to U19AA, it is more physical, faster, defensive triangles are tougher and you are pressured on the ring far more. Although difficult at times, playing with and against such talented players has driven and pushed me to step up my game. Through learning from others and being challenged by others on and off the ice I believe that my game has definitely seen improvement. At first I was hesitant to put my name into the draft a year early due to the fact I would be so much younger than everyone else, but when the season started and I became a Turbo I never looked back once in regret with my decision. Not to mention being able to play with my sisters was an opportunity I could not pass up on. I have never learned as much as I have or felt so supported by a group of teammates in my years of Ringette, the Turbo girls not only welcomed me onto their team with open arms, but have appreciated me every step of the way in my rookie year in the NRL. Through good games and bad games they have been so supportive, they certainly are far more than teammates to me- they are my family and I wouldn’t chose to be anything other than a Turbo.