Turbos conquer the Tough Mudder

On a splendid September Saturday, the Cambridge Turbos took on the Toronto Tough Mudder on Mount St. Louis and they didn’t let a little mud (well, a lot really), ice water, an 18 kilometre run around a mountain, crazy 12-foot high walls, mud-filled tunnels and other insane obstacles stop them. They took it on and conquered the monster!

For those not familiar with it, a Tough Mudder is the ultimate in hardcore obstacle courses designed to test a participant’s all around strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie. The events are held around the world.

What better way to bring a team together and test its resolve! You test your own strength and also make sure nobody gets left behind. Nine of our current crop of Turbos were available to take part this year and loved almost every minute of it.

Here’s what a few of them had to say about being a Tough Mudder:

“It pushed us to our limits and especially allowed me to see what I’m capable of achieving. In Tough Mudder you have to work together to complete the course, whether it’s helping your team or complete strangers, so it was the best team-building activity I’ve ever done.” Melissa Findlay

“We were physically challenged, but mentally it helped us the most. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the day, but we went through it all together. We know when it gets tough later in the season we’ll all be there to help each other.” Jess Walden

“Tough Mudder is impossible to finish without the help of your teammates, who are there to literally lend you a hand or a foot or any body part to get through the obstacles, point out any and all ridiculous moves and throw in some solid chants of ‘TURBOS! TURBOS! TURBOS!’ to motivate you. I would do it again in a heartbeat with the Turbos and only the Turbos because the camaraderie is what gets you through at Kilometre 16 when you have to climb another ski hill and scale a halfpipe because you don’t want to let yourself or the team down.” Brittany Walden

“Participating in the 18 km obstacle course with the Turbos was an incredible bonding experience and an intense four hours of my life I will never forget! Whether it was the electric shocks, mid-race ice bath or scaling the 12-foot walls, we demonstrated true teamwork and emotional, mental and physical strength. We proved the Turbos are definitely TOUGH enough! Bring on the 2013-14 NRL season!” Nadia Barey

Based on these comments, you can expect to see a Turbo Tough Mudder team getting down and dirty again next fall!