WAM! at the World Ringette Championships

Twitter news feed full of ringette tweets and hashtags. Facebook news feed overloaded with ringette posts and videos. Instagram exploding with ringette pictures. This could only mean one thing: The World Ringette Championships are on! Over the Christmas holidays, 7 of our WAMbits travelled to Finland to compete with the Junior and Senior National teams at the World Ringette Championships.

On December 27, 2015, 7 teams from six nations began competing for the President’s Cup. After round robin play and a best of 3 game series with the Junior Finnish team, our Junior Canadian Team won gold in overtime. Congratulations to our four WAMbits Annie Debaji, Robyn Gillespie, Keyona Tomiuk, and Kelsie Caine, along with their teammates, coaching staff, and support team on their exciting finish and their gold medal. We look forward to watching you grow and have success in your ringette seasons to come!

The Sam Jacks Series of the World Ringette Championships saw the Senior National Teams of Canada and Finland compete in a best of three series. As everyone in the ringette community is well aware, Finland took the series in 2 games. Despite the score on scoreboard, there are countless reasons to be proud of our Senior National athletes and coaches. These ladies dedicate an exorbitant amount of time practicing, training, watching game film, and learning/discussing systems. Their skill alone is enough to be proud of each athlete but what is even more impressive is these elite athletes maintain such a strong commitment to success both on and off the ice. When these athletes and coaches are not at the rink, training, or analyzing, they are students, employees, coaches, significant others, and mothers.

To Jenna, Dailyn, Jamie, Christianne, Shaundra, Dallas, Paola, Jackie, Bobbi, Amy, Jackie, Sydney, Jen, Elyssa, Jas, Paige, Kelsey, Kaitlyn, Julie, and Chantal; thank you for your commitment to the program. Thank you for representing Canada with so much pride. Thank you for constantly choosing ringette over your social life and sleep so you could be your best. Thank you for being unbelievably strong role models for all ringette players. Thank you for giving the Canadian Ringette community so much to be proud of.