Waterloo’s ‘Twin Power’

Whenever the word TWIN is used with Waterloo, it’s usually in reference to Waterloo’s partnership in the Southern Ontario twin cities of Kitchener-Waterloo, a relationship that has endured for many years, Well, that maybe about to change as a result of recent events in the National Ringette League.

As this year’s Southern Ontario NRL entry draft was growing closer each day back in June, it became apparent that 4 players were going to be the first 4 picks when the draft would take place in July. It happened that these 4 players were 2 sets of sisters, the Scott twins (Josie and Robin) and the Nosal sisters (Samantha and Paige). Even more intriguing was the fact that 2 teams, Waterloo Wildfire and Richmond Hill Lightning, had the first 4 picks in the region draft and there was a strong possibility that the “sister acts” would be broken up because of the order of the picks. In addition, the Lightning was looking for coaches and the Nosal parents, Scott and Terry, were available. But, would they go to Richmond Hill if both or only one of their daughters were drafted by Waterloo?

To the rescue came Wildfire GM, Shelly Kraemer and Lightning GM, Peter Steele, in a spirit of cooperation rarely seen between teams in the NRL and even less so in Southern Ontario as NRL history would blatantly show. To guarantee that the sisters would not be split up and to make sure that Richmond Hill would get their coaches, the two GMs forged a trade on June 27 whereby the Lightning got the first 2 picks and the Wildfire would get the next 2 (as well as the rights to two players owned by Richmond Hill but who had not played). And so, the 4 Nosals went to Richmond Hill and the Scott twins came to Waterloo along with Breanne Hutchings and Katrina Corrado (Hutchings is a centre on the current Wildfire roster, Corrado was released).

Having played together their entire ringette careers, it is indeed fitting that Josie and Robin continue to play together, not only with the same team, the Wildfire, but also on the same line. Their “twin power” is apparent in their stats. After just 8 games (yes, the Wildfire schedule has been quite sparse to this point in the season) the twins have accumulated 25 points between them. The Wildfire’s “Twin Power” is quite apparent and is bound to become even stronger. The Waterloo “Twin Power” is Josie and Robin Scott and Waterloo will never be the same.