Welcome to the RATH

Team RATH has now officially welcomed its two newest members, Victoria Russell and Allison Cronin. The veterans had to vigorously plan the event, making sure there were snacks, costumes, and tasks. Vicki was dressed in a lovely purple velvet dress, shoulder pads included. She had a very large beehive, with a gold Cleopatra headpiece. Whenever RATH said “Cleo” she had to do an Egyptian dance. Ali had a gorgeous baby pink dress on, with a red and green hat that her piggy tails could fit through, and it was topped off with an Asian inspired cape. Whenever RATH called out “Christmas,” she had to see someone and tell them what she wanted for Christmas. A deck of cards was used to write the ladies’ 52 tasks on. Dallas and Kailee were in charge of making sure each task was completed, and giving them the new missions. The night was all in good fun, and a great bonding activity to get RATH’s season started. We are all feeling ready for the Winnipeg tournament, with Ali and Vicki now official members. 

One on one with Allison Cronin:

Were you nervous about what costumes you were going to wear?

“Yes I was very nervous. I am not a risk taker when it comes to fashion.”

How did people react to your costume? 

“When I went downstairs to unveil my costume, I had dubious amounts of laughter from the veterans.”

What was the most difficult task you had to complete? Did you complete all 52 tasks?

“Requesting a song from the DJ booth, I stood in line for an half an hour and still didn’t get my song played.  I completed about four tasks.”

Do you feel closer to your teammates after the night’s events?

“Yes. We had a very good time, and a lot of embarrassment, and so now we have many fond memories to share and laugh about.”

Written by: Stacy Johnson and Tracy Lefebre