What do CRCs mean to you?

Many first-timers and many experienced ringette athletes will be heading to Wood Buffalo, Alberta on the eve of the 2015 Canadian Ringette and National Ringette League championships starting March 29. It’s a special time of year for all who have expended so much time and effort to get to this event.

We asked the Cambridge Turbos players what it means to them to participate in the National Ringette League championships. Here’s what some of their responses were.

“Competing at the NRL championship is such an honour. It takes hand work day in and day out to compete all season to end up in a spot to compete for a national title. With that being said, nationals to me means, it doesn’t matter your previous accomplishments or the success your team had throughout the season. National championships are one week to put your best game on the ice and anyone can come out on top. It is a challenge every game, all week long and I get excited about the opportunity. A gold medal at the end of the week is the best reward and to share it with your teammates who have worked alongside of you is the best way to end a season.” Meghan Pittaway

“Since I’ve joined the Turbos we’ve won bronze and silver, but I’m really looking forward to claiming the gold!” Melissa Findlay
“It means striving for something that you’ve worked so hard for with teammates who also share the drive and passion you have to accomplish a victory that you will always cherish.” Taylor Campbell

“It means a chance at redemption for last year’s silver. It has been a while since the Turbos have won gold at nationals.” Brittany Walden

Competing for the national title is the most exciting time of the year! It’s your opportunity to leave everything you have on the ice and for all your physical work on and off the ice and mental preparation to finally pay off! Sydney Granger

“Competing for a national title is the reward for all of the time and hard work that we put in all season, and a chance to be the best in Canada at the thing I love the most.” Jessie Callander

I’ve never won a national title so there’s nothing I want more. Getting a chance to compete for the title again is a thrill, and the Turbos definitely have the skill, heart and determination to finish the season with the win.” Sam McCullough

To all those athletes who will experience this amazing opportunity over the coming week, the Cambridge Turbos wish you good times and good sportsmanship. Do yourself and our sport proud!