What does ringette mean to the Cambridge Turbos?

How would you answer that question if asked? As the Cambridge Turbos open the 2016/2017 season, it is important to reflect on what this great sport means to us and also a reminder of the reasons we play the game.

“Ringette has taught me lifelong lessons and brought me lifelong friends”

“An escape from reality, stepping onto the ice and feeling like I can do anything”

“Ringette to me means winning and losing as a team and being one”

“Ringette has been my passion from a young age, since I have always enjoyed the incredible speed that the game is played at”

“Ringette has always been an outlet for me to forget about any problems and focus on something I love”

“Ringette means making new friends and playing at a high level”

“Ringette is something that pushes me to strive for success in every aspect of my life and makes it possible for me to spend time with people whom I consider to be my second family” 

“Ringette is one of the constants in my life that I can rely on; where I can feel confident and free. It’s the one thing in my life that I have put all of my energy into, pushing my limits to be the best I could be. It is a good stress reliever, and inducer. It allows us to bring out our competitive side as well as give us coping mechanisms to accept defeat. Once you’re in it, it’s hard to leave!”

Have a great season everyone!