What is leadership?

General definitions of “Leadership” include "a process of social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task". Academic studies of leadership have produced theories involving personality, situations,the role the person has within the group, their behavior, and their vision and values.

Colleen Hagan is a leader for the NRL Devils.

When the team meets to discuss issues and concerns facing players and that deal with opposing teams, Colleen, in her role as both a player and an assistant coach to Paul Youldon, sets the tone, clearly identifies the challenges and provides solutions that support the spirit and motivation of the NRL Devil players.

Colleen has divided her time between player and coach. As a coach, behind the bench she uses her iPad technology to provide instant video feedback to the players. This feedback is couched in the context of the game plan and the key messages the team and the players are striving to achieve in the given phase of the season. The players welcome her input, respect her guidance and want the feedback.

Colleen is a spirit leader as well. She is one of the first to promote the colours, spirt and name of the Devils. In pre-game preparation, team meetings away from the rink, and in team discussions during games, whether Colleen is a player or a coach she has something to say that directs, motivates and sets the spirtual tone for the game at hand.

Colleen is a gifted ringette player. She has played on multiple Team Canadas, and is one of the original members of the NRL Gloucester Devils.

Colleen is a gifted coach. She is able to design drills quickly to address individual and team deficiences and she is able to explain them and make corrections when needed in the middle of the drill. Some coaches can draw pictures, others are good orators, set guidelines for player discipline, while still other coaches are great at one-on-one athlete coach discussions. Colleen can do all of these things – well.

The NRL Devils are very proud of Colleen and her performance as Head Coach of Team Ontario at the 2015 Canada Winter Games in Prince George, British Columbia.

The Canadian Ringette community needs more players and coaches like Colleen Hagan to lead and build the sport of Ringette.