What it means to me, according to the Gloucester Devils.

Alie Biewald
Ringette to me means the ability to look past any issues or concerns going on throughout your life and focusing on one main goal. It allows you to have a clear cut motivation to perform to the best of your abilities not only to yourself, but for your family and friends. It gives you a sense of belonging, and a need to make others around you happy. Ringette means team, team means family.

I originally played in the NRL due the competitiveness, and passion for the sport of ringette. Being able to play at the NRL level has really humbled me as a person allowing me to realize how blessed I am to partake at the top level in the country. After meeting such an unbelievable group of people my first year in the NRL I continue to play for them, because if it wasn’t for them I would not be the person I am today. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to play at this level and would like to thank everyone who I have had the pleasure to meet along the way.

Amelie Dugas
In simple words, ringette is my escape. Regardless of what is going on in my life (school, work etc…) ringette always provides this familiar environment. My team mates are more then just people I play I play with, they are family. I can get totally lost on the ice, all that matters is that very moment and It’s a break from the everyday life!

I play in the NRL to stay in shape and because I can’t imagine my life without this sport. It’s been such a big part of my life for so long and I’m not ready to give it up!

Jennifer Gabel
Ringette is a family away from home. I’ve grown up with many of these girls and they’ve seen me at my worst and best!

Playing in the NRL means I’m having the time of my life with some of my best friends and playing my favourite sport at an elite level!

Samantha Green (Morris)
Ringette means teamwork, dedication and passion. Its a sport without a cash prize or money. We play it beacause we love it.

I want to play the highest possible level without compromising the spirit of the sport. I want to win but I also love the idea of developing younger generations of players!

Colleen Hagan
While my answer to this question has become more layered over time, I think at the core is still my love for the friendships, the opportunity to compete at my best, and the speed. My passion for the sport of Ringette has influenced many of decisions, from school, to work, to persons of influence, to the kind of person I want to be. I truly believe that I have been shaped by the successes and failures that I have experienced through this awesome game!

The NRL provides a means for the best players in the game to compete at the highest level on a regular basis. It has the potential to raise the game to stage shared by other well respected female team sports. I choose to continue playing in the NRL so that I can be a part of, and perhaps, at times, help to lead, the forward movement of the fastest team game on ice

Kristin Johnston
Over my years of playing, ringette has meant many things. It’s been a passion of mine, taught me teamwork, been a source of frustration, and introduced me to friends all over Canada. Overall, ringette has taken up a majority of my life and there’s not one moment that I would trade back. It’s given me my closest friends. Playing in the NRL now allows me to compete with these individuals at a competitive level. There’s a certain passion for the sport that keeps you there, and that’s what keeps me playing today.

Jasmine Leblanc
Ringette means a lot to me. It’s not just the best game played on ice but the great friends you make along the way.

I play in the NRL because it was a dream of mine since I was a little goalie to compete with the best players in the country

Emily MacDonald
To me ringette means hard work, commitment, and friendship.

I play in the NRL because it allows me to continue playing ringette at a high and competitive level, and I just can’t quit

Lauren McGonigal
To me, ringette is my priority. It’s a huge part of my life and a lot of the time most of what I am thinking about. Everday life would not be the same without those week night practices, early morning practicies, and weekend games. As ringette players, we give up a lot but at the end of the day, it is always worth it!!

I play in the NRL because it is great ringette. I play with great players and against great players. It is always a challenge and a good time

Alyssa Mainwood
Ringette is my passion, it means committing yourself to at least two practices on ice a week, whether it be waking up for early or staying up late for practices, but also working on your own fitness whenever there’s spare time. Ringette is apart of me and my family, it is my life!

I play in the NRL because I want to be playing in the highest league I can achieve. I want every game to be fast paced and tough competition, playing against others who have the same dedication to ringette as I do.

Jessica Mainwood
Although it sounds cookie cutter and cheesy, ringette is my life, it is where I’ve met some of my best friends and the best part is that I get to enjoy it with my family (playing with, being coached by, or having them support me in the stands).

I play in the NRL because I have always wanted to compete at the highest level possible. I love being able to say that I play the fastest game on ice with and against some of the best players in the world. I also love being apart of one of the reasons younger players want to keep playing ringette

Natalie Purcell
It’s a fantastic fast paced Canadian sport having skillful teamwork where I’ve met great friends and made countless memories along the way. Ringette also releases my competitive nature which leads my drive to stay fit & healthy.

I play in the NRL for the ultimate experience of a well structured competitive team. Being in the NRL gives me a chance to play with the elite players that I’ve admired over the years and it motivates me to always reach for my highest potential.

Ashley Rheaume
Ringette means a great deal to me and has been a huge part of my life since I was little. It’s given me some of my closest friends, best memories, greatest lessons and taken me all over Canada. It’s also allowed me to give back to the sport that’s given me so much through coaching, camps, autograph signings, etc.

I play in the NRL because I love the competition and I love competing against the greatest players Canada has to offer.

Kaitlyn Youldon
To me, ringette means lifetime friendships and something to be passionate about.

I play in the NRL because I am a competitive person and I’m always striving to be better. The NRL includes the best players across Canada, and that’s why I want to be apart of it.

Melanie Vaillant
Ringette is my outlet. It’s a place where I can shut off reality and focus on the team and our goals. It becomes such a big part of your life with all the hours spent, but it may be the favorite part of mine. Just the people you meet and the little family you become, creates such a healthy dynamic to be a part of.

I play in the NRL mainly because I got the opportunity to tryout for a team and they decided to keep me. But I am still playing in the NRL because it is the most competitive ringette I’ve ever had the chance to compete in. It is a constant challenge and I feel the more I am exposed to such good quality ringette the better I become as a player. I also love the fact that being in this league gives you the chance to be a role model for younger girls.