What ringette and the NRL mean to the WAM!

The Edmonton WAM! has recently been lighting it up; winning 5 of their past 6 games and breaking into the NRL’s Elite Eight. The WAM! is a young and talented team who is driven, competitive and plays for the love of the game. Recently, each of the WAMbits were asked what ringette meant to them and why they chose to play in the NRL.


Chelsea Cranston (#7): ‘Ringette is my sense of belonging; I feel most at ease when I’m playing ringette’. ‘Playing in the NRL is something that you dream of as a young athlete. It makes me feel accomplished and satisfied that my hard work over the years has gotten me to where I want to be’.

Danielle Holliday (#11): ‘I play ringette because it is a huge part of my life, I would be lost without it. I fell in love with the sport the first time I picked up a stick and haven’t looked back’. ‘I play in the NRL to compete against the best of the best’.

Emily Otto (#5): ‘Ringette is my passion. It’s my get away from reality and my place to go and just focus on me and my team’. ‘I play in the NRL because I want to contribute to the ringette community and to promote the sport to younger athletes, as well as to be a role model to the younger girls’.

Danielle Bechard (#9): ‘I started playing ringette at the age of 3, it has been a major part of my life ever since. Playing ringette gives me a chance to take a break and do something that I love’. ‘I have always looked up to the NRL as a goal to achieve; it is an honor to be playing in the league and with the amazing and talented players on my team’.

Jenna Debaji (#3): ‘Ringette means a lot to me because I have met so many awesome people and I couldn’t imagine not playing’. ‘I love playing in the NRL because there are so many talented players and it is very competitive’.

Breanna Beck (#31): ‘As cheesy as it sounds, ringette means the world to me. I started when I was 4 and have played every season since. Ringette has been where I have experienced some of my greatest success, worked through some of my greatest adversity and made some of the most amazing friendships’. ‘I play in the NRL because I just can’t get enough of ringette and I want to play club ringette at the highest level. I love the level of play; the execution, the speed, the ability and the pure skill of the game is astounding. Playing in the NRL pushes me to be the best athlete I can be because I am playing with and against some of the best ringette players in Canada’.

Jamie Bell (#4): ‘Ringette has, and will continue to have an everlasting influence on my life. It teaches you aspects of personal development such as leadership, commitment, passion, determination and time management which all can be used for life outside of sports. It has lead me to cherish and appreciate an active healthy lifestyle and the friends I have gained along the way’. ‘I choose to play in the NRL because of the competitive atmosphere, physical demand because of the speed of the game and the desire to be successful. It allows us females to perform as high performance athletes and still have a life outside of the sport and that I am thankful for’.

Robyn Kerr (#14): ‘To me, ringette means: speed, competition, and team. I love the team environment that the ringette community is able to create’. ‘I play in the NRL because I wish to play at the most competitive level possible against the best players throughout Canada’.

Dailyn Bell (#6): ‘Ringette is a number one passion for me. It’s the only on ice team sport dominated by females. The speed, team atmosphere, competitiveness, and demand to be in good physical shape is what has brought me back year after year’. ‘Playing in the NRL is the best of the best competing at the highest level the sport can be played at. With each game being up for grabs with points makes every game all year long a great one. The dedication at the NRL level is one that you don’t see in the older age groups and I am very driven by this asset our league offers’.

Kaylin Bechard (#12):‘Ringette has shaped me into the person that I am today. It has taught me so many important lessons, such as teamwork, commitment, time management and determination. It is still surprising to see how lessons learned from ringette continue to resonate in the things that I do today’. ‘I play in the NRL because it’s fun and I love competing at an elite level against the best ringette players in Canada’.

Anj Grewal (#1): ‘Ringette has been a large part of my life ever since I began playing when I was 5 years old. Ringette provides me with goals to work towards every year and allows me to pursue excellence in sport. Ringette has helped me to become the person I am today and has been a large part in developing traits such as determination, confidence and focus. These traits have then transferred to my school and personal life, allowing me to be a hard – working individual. Playing ringette has had a positive impact on all parts of my life and I choose to continue to play it because of this beneficial impact’. ‘I chose to pursue playing ringette in the NRL after my last year of belle because it allows me to compete against the best ringette athletes in Canada. Every game and practice which I participate in allows me to test my skill against the best of the best and thus in turn better my skill. Being able to compete at the highest level is very important to me and allows me to strive to be the best which I can be’.