Wildfire sparks ~ aka Wildfire trivia

*The Wildfire’s top 3 scorers so far this season are Josie Scott, Emily Bakker and Bryanna Kelly.

*Goalie, Hailey Moore, leads all NRL goalies in offensive points with 2 assists so far this season.

*Defense players, Jennie Wilson and Kristin Bortolon, each have 2 goals to lead the defense in scoring – Joss Denstedt leads the defence in points with 10.

*Rookies, Tori Duncan and Taryn Collins, are both in a close race for the NRL Rookie of the Year Award with Miguelle Proulx of the Atlantic Attack.

*Lindsey Vivian will join Tara Gross in the Wildfire 300 Games Played Club before the end of the season.

*The Wildfire has 2 “sister acts”, the Scott twins, Robin and Josie, AND the Duncan sisters, Danielle and Tori.

*Wildfire players have conducted 3 ringette skills clinics for young players so far in the 2014-15 season.

*GM, Shelly Woodley, started her NRL career as a player in 2004, became GM of the Wildfire in 2013 and now is also the Red Division rep on the NRL Committee.

*Head coach, David Duncan, who began his 2nd year behind the Wildfire earlier this month, is the father of the above mentioned Duncan sisters.

*The Wildfire has participated in the NRL Championships four times in the team’s first 10 years.

*Wildfire rookies have won the NRL Rookie of the Year Award three times – Shelagh Rouse, Bryanna Kelly and Josie Scott.

*Emily Bakker is the only Wildfire player so far who has been a member of Team Canada.

*69 players have worn the NRL Wildfire sweater in the 11 seasons of the team’s existence.

*The Wildfire has had 6 head coaches since the team’s birth in the fall of 2004.

~ facts compiled to January 12, 2015