Wildfire, Turbos to Experiment

The Waterloo Wildfire and the Cambridge Turbos will follow a Ringette Canada mandate and play their next National Ringette League game using the international ringette time format.
Next Saturday evening, November 28, at RIM Park Optimist Arena in Waterloo the two NRL Southern Ontario rivals will play four 15-minute periods instead of the usual two 20-minute frames. There will be a 10 minute intermission and ice resurfacing after the 2nd period — a time frame similar to a CFL game.
Ringette Canada has asked each of the 18 NRL teams to play one regular season game under this format and will then ask for feedback from players, bench staffs and fans. This is the time format Team Canada is asked to play whenever they play other international teams such as Finland in the World Ringette Championships. Since all Team Canada players cone from the NRL, it’s a worthy undertaking.
To accomodate the extra 20 minutes of playing time, Saturday’s game will begin at 6:30pm instead of the normal 7:00pm Saturday evening Wildfire home game start. Admission will remain the same at $5 for adults and $2 for fans 16 and under.. Ringette players wearing their team jerseys are admitted free. Saturday night’s game sponsor is Boston Pizza, King St N in Waterloo.