Résultats du repêchage d’Edmonton 2016


Round/Ronde 1    
Black Gold   Maggie Keeler
WAM!   Cassidy Ryan-York
Round/Ronde 2    
Black Gold   Erica Lee
WAM!   Ashlynn Morrison
Round/Ronde 3    
Black Gold   Lauren MacBeath
WAM!   Gillian Dreger
Round/Ronde 4    
Black Gold No pick – Late entry – Terra Shmyr  
WAM!   Kaitlyn Hickey
Rounds/Rondes 5    
Black Gold   Janelle Wilk
WAM!   Kristin Demale
Round/Ronde 6    
Black Gold   Brittany Kraychy
WAM!   Melissa Misutka
Round/Ronde 7    
Black Gold   Madison Darda
WAM!   Bryn Lunn
Round/Ronde 8    
Black Gold   Haley Groenenboom
WAM!   Kristin Denesiuk
Round/Ronde 9    
Black Gold   Kirsten Kelly
WAM!   Haley McFaull
Round/Ronde 10    
Black Gold   Bianca Barry
Edmonton   Grace Romansky
Players left unselected – Free to sign with any team in draft region
Senni Komulainen    
Shaylene Laufersweiler