Gatineau Fusion

In the Gatineau Fusion’s fifth year in the National Ringette League, we expect nothing less than a triumphant season. Through our experiences over the years, the Fusion’s idea of success may be different from its rivals.

Being a young team, our idea of success is growing and improving as a team, starting from a solid foundation. Over the past three years, the team’s name, Fusion, took on its meaning more than ever! We have a whole mix of players! First, we have the FUSION of provinces: Lindsay Sheehan has played for New Brunswick; Madeleine Goldsmith has played for Nova Scotia, and let’s not forget our veterans and recruits who have played for Ontario and Quebec. Then we have the FUSION of generations: the baby of the group, Valérie Lalonde, is 18, while our oldest player also captain, Prudence Rajaobelina, is 27. Finally, we have the FUSION of experiences: a few of our youngest players were involved with the Ontario AAA team; we also have girls who have experienced the Canadian Ringette Championships. Plus we have two lucky players, Lauren McGonigal and Stéphanie Rheaume, who will take part in the U19 World Ringette Championships in December 2012.

Overall, the past five years past have taught us that to reach our team’s goals, we must first have a solid core. Which means having a group of girls who care about the team and its success, and who are dedicated to their passion, ringette. Secondly, the team must take the time to integrate our new players, because it is upon their shoulders that we will thrive. Finally, we know that we must keep our team spirit up because a strong morale is of the utmost importance.

Nevertheless, the Gatineau Fusion has learned and will continue to learn. And when we unite our individual strengths, the Fusion will become a team that