Manitoba Jets

The Manitoba Jets joined the National Ringette League during the 2006-07 season and participated in the national championships in 2007 and 2008, finishing in the top six on both occasions.

Four of the players from that first year are still with the team (Kristy Maksymyk, Meaghan Alleyne, Mandy Nordstrom and Lisa Knievel), and the entire team are returning players, a testament to the positive atmosphere and camaraderie that exists with the team.

The team is comprised primarily of players who are students or embarking upon careers. They love to play the game, despite the fact that it is a tremendous effort for most to find the time required to train and play at this level. The team often considers themselves to be the ‘poor team’, a reference to our lack of time, as much as lack of funding!

Within the team, the players are pursuing careers in a broad group of professions and industries, such as: nursing, education, psychology, kinesiology, physiotherapy, retail, law enforcement, architecture and astrophysics.

The majority of the players are also multiple-sport athletes. Several team members are on the Team Canada Bandy team, and other play soccer, hockey, and volleyball at university and premier levels.

Every member of the team is an excellent role model in the community. With their many skills and talents, they contribute through volunteer activities, both as sports coaches, and other charitable endeavours in health care, community living, and animal welfare.

The Western Conference of the NRL is extremely strong, and although the NRL championship is always the ultimate goal for the team, it has been elusive the past few seasons. However, the team has always achieved their secondary goal, which is to be competitive. No matter who they play, win or lose, their goal is to have their opponent leaving the ice feeling that they were challenged, and to have the officials leave feeling it was a great game.